Woman So Angry Plantation Tour ‘Lectured About Slavery’ She Left A Ranting 2-Star Review

If there’s one thing people hate, it’s being even slightly uncomfortable. They’re especially uncomfortable with considering their complicity in structural racism. This is a story about someone who was deeply uncomfortable even thinking about what once happened in history to black men and women under slavery. They were so uncomfortable they had to write a review about it. I guess it was too late to call the manager.

An anonymous white woman is being soundly mocked on the Internet for a two-star review they left for a plantation tour in South Carolina. The review was posted by author Saira Rao on Twitter in a screenshot. She captioned it, “This is how decent white people who tell the truth about slavery on plantations are reviewed by white people.”

Honestly, it was very generous of her to say that “decent” part after reading what this reviewer wrote.

The review author described her experience thusly:

“My husband and I were extremely disappointed in this tour. We didn’t come to hear a lecture on how the white people treated slaves, we came to get this history of a southern plantation and get a tour of the house and grounds. The tour guide was so radical about slave treatment we felt we were being lectured and bashed about the slavery.”

“My ancestors were from Sicily, never owned slaves, and my husbands were German, and none of his ever owned slaves. I am by far not racist or against all Americans having equal rights but this was my vacation and now we are crossing all plantation tours off our list, it was just not what we expected. I’ll go back to Louisiana and see some real plantations that are so much more enjoyable to tour.”

If your family never owned slaves and you’re not racist, why you mad?

There is obviously some logical disconnect here. This woman went to a plantation to hear about its history. The history of southern plantations is slavery. Maybe she expected more information on cotillions and sweet tea, without any info on how the money was made to pay for either (it was slave labor). Plantations existed because of slavery.

It was almost too easy to make fun of this lady, but it’s still pretty satisfying to read the responses to her idiocy:

Kind of an interesting point a couple people made was that the woman is not entirely wrong—a lot of plantation tours actually don’t focus much on history. If she was surprised, it’s in part because so many tours bend over backwards to make their primarily white visitors feel comfortable. If a white person wants to go and have brunch on a property where black families were enslaved and abused, they can, and they never have to hear a thing about the land’s true history.

Anyone going to the south can check out a plantation that will tell the truth about its origins: it’s called McLeod Plantation and it’s in Charleston:

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