As millions of people in the U.S. and billions worldwide continue to struggle, with issues of poverty, income inequality, and lack of access to basic resources worsening in many areas, more individuals are starting to question whether capitalism is inherently the best system. Drawing from the name of the Humans of New York and other locations, the Facebook page “Inhumans of late capitalism” posts photos showing how the economic system is increasingly failing the masses.

In addition to explicitly anti-capitalist comics, Inhumans of late capitalism relies on simple photos showing the day-to-day realities, and sometimes striking horrors, of living under the system when you’re not rich. There are also frequently screenshots of headlines or excerpts from articles or social media posts, often presented without comment.

The “About” section of the page only gives a simple statement of purpose: “Recording the slow collapse of humanity.”

Some of the images are bitterly funny, others are just depressing. But if you’re frustrated with the current system as it is, they may provide the validation and catharsis you needed to get through another day at your underpaid job.

Here are some of the most devastating items from just the past week:

Warning: One of the list items contains a reference to an individual’s suicide.











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*First Published: February 7, 2020, 2:47 pm