It’s The 5-Year Anniversary Of Obama’s Tan Suit ‘Scandal’ And Twitter Is Waxing Nostalgic

The standards for a president’s behavior have fallen so low, they’re dead and buried. Donald Trump has systematically demolished all expectations for how someone in the highest in the office in the land should act and maybe even for basic human decency. Scandal after scandal, hideous executive order after hideous executive order, his general celebration of violating human rights and support of racism. Every time you think it’s as bad as it could possibly be, it gets worse.

The presidency of Barack Obama wasn’t without conflict or problems, but in retrospect, a lot of the stuff he got criticized for seems positively quaint now. In particular, the “controversy” around Obama’s tan suit, which he wore five years ago (happy anniversary!) at a conference.

There’s no rule about what color suit a president has to wear, but it made waves. The Daily Show put together some clips of the Fox News cycle after this fashion statement was made and it’s pretty hilarious in retrospect.

Especially because, as they reveal, Obama was not the first president to wear a suit the color of a new fawn while in office.

It seemed like a good opportunity to joke about the horrible changes our country has gone through in the last four years:

This is actually what I’m feeling:

Nothing makes time seem crazier than reflecting on everything that’s happened since the tan suit. We’re all measuring time by Trump’s suits now, and they just keep getting flappier and cheaper looking. Soon he’ll be dressing in a full tent that covers the White House. Sounds crazy, but consider everything that’s already happened that seemed impossible when Obama was president.