TikTok users are once again making the world a better place, this time by turning a “pro-life” protesters outside of a reproductive health clinic into a freaky yelling broccoli head man with the platform’s weird filters. User “Emma” can also be heard loudly singing over the man’s chants and laughing at “Kyle” when he hits her sign.

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Emma seems to be a regular at her local reproductive health clinic, with many videos on her TikTok account showing various broccoli heads with the same "thou shall not murder" sign. One of the best, however, has made its way onto Twitter where famous feminist author Jessica Valenti shared it.

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"Pro-life" protesters who stand outside of any clinic they think might provide abortion services and call anybody within earshot a baby murderer are notoriously stubborn. These kinds of "protests" have been going on for decades to the point that it's an everyday part of the job for those long-suffering clinic workers.

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But it seems that young TikTok users have yet again found a way to find some humor in an impossible situation while also making regressive old people look as absurd as they are.


chris had to sit today out bc his back was hurting from carrying the weight of stopping baybeh morduh #christok #MotivationMonday #fyp #prochoice

♬ original sound - EMMA
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Perhaps just as funny as the broccoli heads are the captions written by Emma, translating the shoutings of "Christopher" to better reflect his tone.

"ITS H3LL FOR BAYBEH MORDUHERS," the caption reads as Chris shouts it.

Later, the video cuts to Emma loudly singing a One Direction song over Chris trying to yell "no" and "stop" at people nearby. Later, when Emma tries to use her "clinic parking" sign to direct someone into the parking lot, the broccoli head man hits it with his own sign, which Emma heartily laughs off.

"Chris! Chris! Chris! Excuse me!" she says, laughing the whole time.

Other young women have made a delightful series of TikToks making fun of pro-life harassers' outfits:

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which one is your favorite personally i’m digging ednas vibe today #prochoice #plannedparenthood #women #woman

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Emma appears to be a member of a group of clinic defenders -- pro-choice folks who volunteer to protect reproductive health clinics from "pro-life" protesters like Chris. In her latest video, she and other volunteers urge others in the area to come out and protect the clinic from a large anti-abortion protest planned for Saturday.

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According to a petition link in Emma's bio, the event is the "Love Life Week 40 Prayer Walk" in Charlotte, North Carolina. This is something the "Love Life" organization reportedly puts on every weekend, but this time are claiming to expect thousands of people to attend. Of course, they're not requiring attendees to wear masks.

The petition to have the city cancel the event has nearly 150,000 signatures.

"Because of the nature of this virus and its rapid, airborne, and often asymptomatic spread, this issue extends beyond First Amendment Rights, as it infringes on the health and safety of those around them," it reads.

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*First Published: November 20, 2020, 11:32 am