Airbnbs have increasingly become the subject of criticism and mockery over the last several years, as both the prices and the responsibilities expected of paying customers renting out a space increase. And a recent viral TikTok is drawing even more attention to how unreasonable the service has become.

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TikToker @thefamousjet shared his video from the POV of someone reading their host’s rules after checking into an Airbnb.

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“Welcome to our Airbnb. As a reminder, quiet hours start at 5pm. We have a noise detector and will ask you to leave if you play any music or snore too loud,” he said in character. “When you check out, please take out the trash, mop the floors, wash the dishes, do all the laundry, and make the beds.”


All those fees for so many rules. Its a scam! #airbnb #travel

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Expecting guests to do all the cleaning while still getting charged a cleaning fee that often tacks a couple hundred dollars onto a bill has been a particular point of frustration among Airbnb users. Jet’s video also went on to make fun of intense early check-out times and how some customers have discovered security cameras — some of which are absolutely allowable by Airbnb and only have to be disclosed in the fine print — both inside and outside their rentals.

As many initially viewed Airbnb as a community-centric, cheaper alternative to hotels, the way that it frequently now rivals (if not surpasses) hotel pricing with more stress and security concerns involved has been disappointing.

“All those fees for so many rules,” Jet himself wrote. “It’s a scam!”

Viewers seemed to agree, and shared their own frustrations in the comments.

“My fav part about Airbnb’s is them advertising the place is $90/night but ends up being $300 after fees,” wrote @kerristankovic. “Ugh so sneaks.”

“I saw one in Paris that said to feed their cats twice a day and empty the cat litter daily,” @peridot2x5f said.

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“Airbnb is like a streaming service, they were good when they started, now we should just go back to what they tried to replace,” @ricardotamezg suggested, with @randomperson034 laying it out bluntly: “Hotels are often cheaper, safer, cleaner and nicer. Airbnb has fallen off the deep end.”

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*First Published: July 12, 2022, 9:57 am