An anti-masker and general COVID-denier had a bad time at the Atlanta International airport this weekend when he was filmed having a full-on meltdown and screaming at a largely unimpressed crowd to take their masks off and “rise up.” Nobody did, because they all had places to be and were normal, and the man was successfully kicked out of the area by a local hero who had absolutely no time for his nonsense.

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Most of the airline passengers waiting at the gate don’t even look at the man, other than the women filming him, as his voice cracks several times like a puberty-stricken boy crying about the injustice of his mom taking away his Xbox.

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A viral TikTok video shows the man striding toward another woman who’s filming him with her phone while screaming things about “American spirit” and “American liberty” as she calmly records while keeping a decent distance from his unmasked face.

“Nobody has it!” he cries, presumably referring to COVID-19. “Take down your masks and rise up for f—ing freedom!”

How he manages to crack his voice on both of those f-words is a mystery.

“You motherf—ers! That’s what America is about! That’s what it’s about. Rise up! Rise up!” he screams. People continue to chat, many with their backs to him, and absolutely no one in view takes off their mask.

You might think this was all a show for some comedy bit if it wasn’t for the part where the Black woman gets him out of there. This was the subject of the original TikTok video posted by user “Tee,” which gained over 1.1 million views in the space of two days.


I don’t know sis name but welcome to ATLANTA #frontier #atlantahartsfieldjackson #revolution #fyp This isn’t even half of his speech ????

♬ original sound – ???? Tee ????

“Shut your mouth,” she says, directing him away from the gate. “Let’s go. Shut your mouth.”

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“You want a revolution? Stand up!” he shouts at the tired commuters as the woman puts her hand in front of his face.

“Shut your f—ing mouth and walk, let’s go,” she repeats, pushing him away. “There are children around.”

“You got this,” says Tee.

Air travel has seen a stark increase in aggressive and unruly passengers since the pandemic began, very often by anti-maskers and COVID-deniers who think they’re some kind of heroes of freedom for making a scene and delaying everyone’s flight before landing on the no-fly list.

It’s unclear whether the young woman has some kind of relationship with the furious man or what the deal was, but people watching the videos were simply grateful that she was able to get him away from the gate before things got worse, especially with no airport security in sight.

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*First Published: August 10, 2021, 10:06 am