Man Asks If He’s Wrong For Telling “Boomer Couple” To Move Away After They Complain About Noise

Living peacefully among your neighbors is a challenge for anybody. People have kids, dogs, hobbies, arguments and a whole lot of other things that can lead to disturbances.

Reddit user u/Pure-Signal is experiencing a very common situation for anyone living in a neighborhood. Their neighbors aren’t happy with the noise their nine-year-old and six-year-old twins make. It sounds like a good-natured dispute about neighborhood respect.

Except, this man took it to the subreddit AITA and he has, well, some flavorful words to describe his neighbors.

AITA for telling a boomer couple to move out of their house? from AmItheAsshole

You know, we had a little sympathy until we got to a few red-flag passages in this post:

“… so few people, especially with kids, can afford a house in that area so it’s a bunch of retired boomer snitches with Ring and security cameras at their front porch (no, NOTHING ever happens here) and they designated my neighbor as the block cop.”

OP also seemed quite embittered about the fact that their neighbors bought their home at an affordable price back in the ’80s, particularly because they believe he and his wife “are working much harder than our neighbors ever did.”

“… they feel that because they lived in their house for 40 years that we have to follow their rules as their next-door neighbors and keep quiet. I have no sympathy for them. These are the people who bought their sizable home for $40,000 in the 80s and if adjusted for inflation, it’s like buying the same house for $125K. But it’s a house in LA so it’s more like a million. My wife and I make good money, but our mortgage is astronomical. We are working much harder than our neighbors ever did.”

Are you keeping track of your neighbors’ pay stubs, pal? How do you know you and your wife are working so much harder?

Redditors flooded the comments and the conclusion is that OP did not share enough information for anyone to determine who is the bigger jerk in this situation.

A few people pointed out that the anger and language used right out of the gate aren’t great signs.

And noted that if the whole neighborhood was complaining, OP was probably the a-hole, and his kids were probably too loud.

Also the whole “we are working so much harder than our neighbors ever did” comment just reeks of privilege.



But others sided with OP, arguing that the kids were playing in a park, which is literally designed for kids to play in.


So, who is the jerk in this situation? Is it OP? Is it the neighbor? Is it really anybody in this situation? Can’t we all just get along?