Sharing your living space with a new person, especially a romantic partner, can be a challenging shift for someone used to living alone. But part of being an adult and including people in your life means making compromises and making sure that a relationship and living situation is positive for both people involved.

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While that’s pretty basic stuff, an oddly controlling Redditor doesn’t seem to be getting the memo.

u/fritofiend queried the site’s Am I The A**hole subreddit after getting into a heated discussion with his girlfriend about water temperature in the shower.

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As he explains it, they’ve been dating for eight months and his girlfriend recently decided to temporarily crash at his apartment while she has something going on in his part of town. The problem arose when the original poster realized that his girlfriend likes hot showers — really hot showers. 

“It leaves everything in the bathroom wet,” he complained.

He insisted she use a dehumidifier, despite her explaining that the stream was too much for the device and she was opening a window instead. “I put my foot down and told her it wasn’t optional, and she ended up breaking the dehumidifier with the steam,” he wrote.

From there, he insisted she take showers “at a normal temperature,” and when she hid in the bathroom until things cooled down to try to avoid a confrontation about continuing to utilize the hot water, her caring boyfriend retaliated by taking the whole lock off the door.

“She hasn’t said anything about it, but since I did that, her mood has been low with me,” he said. “She’s started spending weekends at her place and she’s slowly been taking her stuff with her. I told her that I didn’t do it to be nasty, but the hot showers were damaging my bathroom and probably her health too.”

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AITA readers rarely give controlling partners the time of day, and this instance was no exception. After diving into his reddit history and discovering that the two are at least 11 years apart in age (possibly more) and that this guy has posted about trying to control aspects of his girlfriend’s life in the past, people made it very clear where they stood on the matter.

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Well, relationships aren’t for everyone.

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*First Published: May 6, 2022, 5:27 am