A MAGA Twitter user and host of a right-wing podcast that has barely over 100 followers on the platform was hit with one of the most devastating community notes that we’ve seen since the feature was launched on the bird site. Some guy who only seems to go by “GOP Josh” attempted to post an image of himself with labels like “The Conservative Crusader” and “Voice of the Future,” but the photo he included turned out not to be representative of his real appearance at all.

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It was so egregious that even Pop Crave got in on the action, displaying the image he posted and a photo found on his Google account that really shows what he looks like side by side, as well as the community note now attached to the original post.

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The altered photo makes his face longer and thinner, adding a beard and erasing much of his acne, gives him a stronger chin and a more defined jawline, and even fills in his eyebrows as well as changing his hair so that it no longer looks like his mom cut it for him. The change is striking, and the fact that both photos have the same pose, smile, and outfit with even the same spots of light make it clear that this was an extensive Photoshop job and not just a matter of aging.

Additionally, his profile on the “About” page on the Red Future Radio Network website is the same as the original found on his Google account.

“I’m an alpha,” Josh claims in his original post. “Liberals fear me.”

Fact check: Liberals didn’t know who he was two days ago, and now they’re all laughing at him.

Josh now seems to have gone into some weird denial or gaslighting attempt, trying to claim that the photos in the Pop Crave post are the same or acting like it’s all a big joke, even changing his profile photo and banner image to reflect the community note. However, clicking on the link to the Google Photos page now brings up an error, so if he’s trying to pretend like being caught doesn’t bother him, it’s not working out too well.

The young man’s bizarre reaction to all this is only bringing more attention to the situation, resulting in more and better jokes as time goes on. There’s nothing quite so perfect as a guy calling himself an “alpha” getting caught misrepresenting himself when he really looks like the president of his high school chess club.

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“Bro Chadshopped his whole head,” wrote one Twitter user.

“This amount of Photoshop counts as gender affirming care,” joked another.

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*First Published: May 24, 2023, 2:16 pm