Andrew Cuomo nipple piercing

The Internet Is Convinced Andrew Cuomo Has A Nipple Ring

Does Andrew Cuomo have something to hide?

The New York governor raised eyebrows during a press conference last week for his, er, suggestive wardrobe. More specifically, many people speculated that Cuomo was concealing a nipple piercing based on a series of bumps near his right nipple that were visible through his white shirt.

On Friday, Redditor StormPuppies shared a screenshot of Cuomo from the conference on r/funny with the question, “Is it just me or is Cuomo’s nipple totally pierced?” The post received over 3,100 upvotes, with one commenter conceding, “That would be the single greatest discovery by humanity of this whole thing.”

The Cuomo conspiracy—cheekily dubbed #NippleGate by many—migrated to Twitter by Monday, when user @alexjs85 shared a higher-definition of the governor and expressed his mock outrage. “Andrew Cuomo looked disgusting–nipple piercings protruding–in his white shirt before Emergency Room Physicians,” he wrote. “Very very disrespectful.”

The tweet has surpassed 5,000 likes and 500 retweets, and dozens of other users have since put their spin on the meme. Some praised Cuomo’s brazen shirt choice, while others compared his potential nipple ring to Joe Exotic’s eyebrow piercing. Others acknowledged the conspiracy as further evidence that our society has spiraled headlong into a hellish dystopia in which literally anything is possible and satire is dead.

Facebook users even got in on the political memery—as Facebook users are wont to do—when the So Let’s Talk About account shared the original Cuomo screenshot. “Governor Nipple Piercing says we in lockdown for another two weeks,” the caption read. “How y’all doing? Much like Cuomo’s tit jewelry, I haven’t quite wrapped my head around what’s happening.”

Governor Nipple Piercing says we in lockdown for another two weeks. How y'all doing? Much like Cuomo's tit jewelry, I haven't quite wrapped my head around what's happening.

Posted by So Let's Talk About on Monday, March 30, 2020

As the world goes up in flames and we stand amongst the ashes, we can all take solace in Cuomo’s potentially risque choice of body jewelry.