Twin sisters who do absolutely everything together are making headlines once again thanks to season two of TLC’s Extreme Sisters.

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When the show premiered in 2021, Lucy and Anna DeCinque stunned viewers with how elaborate their insistence on living their lives as identical twins has become. The 35-year-olds say they view themselves as one person, and go out of their way to make sure everything one does is also done by the other. 

They try to speak at the same time, they work the same job, they eat breakfast at the same time so as to sync their bathroom schedules, and they even try to insist on the same medical procedures.

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The two have also been dating the same man, Ben Byrnes, for 11 years, and have recently been speaking on how they hope to get pregnant at the same time and raise their children as a single family.

“Well both be the mums, Ben would be the dad, so they would have two mums and one father,” they said during a recent appearance on ITV, adding, “We’ll be there for each other. We’d try to make the other one pregnant as soon as possible.”

During Extreme Sisters’ second season, Anna and Lucy even showcased a “trial run” of having babies at the same time, with the help of baby dolls. And their whole situation is something Ben, who also appears on the show, supports wholeheartedly.

“He always treated us equally. He never separates us, and he doesn’t want to take us out separately,” they told Insider.

Although Ben proposed to both women (with identical rings, of course), at the end of last season, they have not been able to get married as polygamy is illegal in Australia, where they all live. But that hitch hasn’t stopped them from continuing to live their lives in obsessive synchrony. 

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“The show’s made us more extreme,” they said. “It made us realize how much we love each other and really can’t live without each other. And we work as one person.”

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*First Published: March 26, 2023, 6:51 am