Anonymous Student Makes Over 1,500 Valentines To Surprise Classmates

For couples, Valentine’s Day can be high pressure and things don’t always go the way they might expect. It’s still worse for singles, who are reminded on every front that they don’t have a partner. It would be nice if there was less of a distinction between one state and another, but this holiday tends to draw a very firm line. But an anonymous kid found a way to united an entire school with an amazing gesture that gave everyone some love.

This story is actually a few years old, but it’s circulating again along with all those chalk candy hearts that only seem to exist during the second week of February. The story, as told by My Modern Met, is that a kid co-ordinated with the administrators at Troy High School in Troy, Ohio, to distributed over 15,000 Valentine messages across every other student’s locker. When students came into school that morning, they found hand-made origami hearts waiting for them in the hall:


The hearts simply read, “You are loved,” a message we’d all like to get more often:

The school posted about the anti-prank on Facebook, writing this caption for the images:

Here is a follow up to an earlier post today sharing a random act of kindness by students at THS.

This actually turned out to be 1 student who wishes to remain anonymous. These are individually hand written origami hearts that this person started working on back in September. This person has been secretly storing them in their closet at home to surprise everyone today.

That’s kind of an intense hashtag, but a very sweet surprise.

Here is a follow up to an earlier post today sharing a random act of kindness by students at THS.This actually turned...

Posted by Troy High School on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

That year, there was a rash of students distributing school-wide Valentine’s Day cards and messages. It’s kind of a nice throwback to a time when the day wasn’t so couple focused, and people were able to give Valentine messages to family and friends, too:

There’s enough love to go around on February 14th, and every other day of the year. And it’s never too late to send a card.