Dating in the time of COVID-19 has certainly gotten…strange. While some conscientious people are abstaining from dating altogether while riding the pandemic out at home, others are merely chatting on Tinder, or going on first dates via Zoom, and some are even cautiously going about a socially distant date or two.

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One might assume that anti-maskers are just going about dating as normal, but that would disregard everything we’ve seen about anti-maskers during these unprecedented times. That is, we know perfectly well they aren’t satisfied doing anything short of making a big show out of their refusal to “live in fear” or “be a sheep” or whatever ludicrous thing they’re calling showing respect towards their fellow humans this week.

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So anti-maskers now have their very own dating site.

It’s a crude little thing, and scarcely populated thus far — a small section on the not-much-larger forum “Lockdown Sceptics.”

The forum was started by Toby Young, a conservative British commentator perhaps best known for his aptly titled memoir How to Lose Friends & Alienate People. More recently, he has criticized the “economic cost” of preventing unnecessary deaths from COVID-19 and calling his own potential death “acceptable collateral damage” to prevent a dip in the economy.

Young launched the corner of his forum in response to a letter he got from someone who wanted to get back on the dating scene but realized “that a key criterion for meeting someone like-minded is that they absolutely must be a lockdown sceptic. If they are pro-mask or pro-antisocial distancing, they will be instantly binned.”

“I genuinely think that if I can find a girl as sceptical as me, she must therefore be marriage material!” the lonely, and clearly desperate, person wrote in. “That’s how important (and sadly divisive) this issue has now become. I could never date (let alone build a relationship) with a lockdown zealot, such is my disdain for these virtue-signalling bedwetters!”

Many people who are fans of trying to ensure thousands more unnecessary deaths don’t happen thanks to COVID-19 feel similar disdain for these so-called “lockdown sceptics,” and the two groups obviously don’t have the same social intentions at the moment, so knowing how a potential partner is approaching the pandemic isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There is, however, an argument to be made that simply going on conservative or far-right dating sites would provide the same effect.

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Regardless, some of the posts shared in the forum were hilarious.

And similarly, the responses to Young’s venture were pretty great.

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Good luck, coronavirus denier daters! Something tells me you’re going to need it out there.

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*First Published: August 11, 2020, 5:44 am