Anti-Vax Mom Asks For Prayers After Her Daughter Is Vaccinated, Gets Roasted Instead

Anti-vaxxers will stop at nothing to fight the spread of accurate information and encourage the spread of preventable diseases like measles.

The latest example of their anti-science buffoonery comes to us via Twitter where one Lisa Bedrick expressed her concern that her daughter had been vaccinated by her father and grandmother.

Bedrick, who describes herself as “anti vaccines” and who mostly tweets generic messages praising God, was distressed. Making what she called a “big prayer request” for her daughter, Bedrick asked the internet to “Please pray that she will be ok” after being subjected to the dastardly disease-preventing serums.


People offered Bedrick thoughts…though not necessarily prayers.

As for her concerns about the effects of vaccines, people reported that they were (amazingly) still alive after being inoculated against a variety of deadly diseases.

All in all, people didn’t have much sympathy for the empty-headed prayer request.

Well as long as her other opinions are as bad as…..oh no.

h/t: Someecards