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25 Of The Most Ignorant Things Anti-Vaxxers Said And Did In 2019

2019 was another bumper year for anti-vaxxer ignorance and also for preventable diseases. From January 1 to November 7, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention documented 1,261 cases of the previously-eradicated disease measles. It was by far the worse measles year of the 2010s, up from 372 cases in 2018 and nearly doubling the second-worst year of 2014, which saw 667 cases.

According to the CDC, measles “is more likely to spread and cause outbreaks in U.S. communities where groups of people are unvaccinated.”

And those are just the cases that were reported to the CDC.

In spite of the best efforts of the CDC and educated people everywhere, anti-vaxxer trends continued throughout 2019, and people continued to spread profoundly wrong information about vaccines.

It’s unclear if mocking anti-vaxxers helps with this problem at all, but at least it helps take the sting out of the fact that measles has been added to the list of the ridiculous things we all have to worry about after it was effectively eradicated in the U.S. So here’s our end-of-the-year list of the most absurd things anti-vaxxers have said and done in 2019:

1. Bragging about spreading chickenpox via tainted Halloween candy.

2. Wearing shirts that say “Jesus wasn’t vaccinated.”

antivaxx 2019

3. Flipping off doctors for quarantining sick kids.

4. Asking to be called “vaccine risk aware” instead of “anti-vaxxer.”

vaccine risk aware

5. Pointing out that only one of Roald Dahl’s kids died of the measles before the vaccine was available.

Anti-vaxxer thinks Roald Dahl’s plea for children to be vaccinated against measles is ‘ridiculous’, since only one of his daughter’s died. from insanepeoplefacebook

6. Arguing that vaccines inject people with diseases they can’t fight off:

antivaxx 2019

7. Using photos of still-living people for their anti-vaxx vigils for dead children.

8. Using the black plague to bolster their argument:

antivaxx 2019

9. Denying their pets life-saving vaccines, too.

10. Comparing eating Tide Pods to getting vaccinated:

antivaxx 2019