AOC Feuds With GOP Congressman After He Tweets About Lending His Friends Guns

Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw voluntarily confessed on Twitter Tuesday that he casually lends his friends his handgun when they travel alone, citing a single (unusual) case of a woman defending herself from a group of alleged robbers. He used this to argue against the widely-supported idea of universal background checks.

Is that, what do you call it, legal?

As the ratio got underway, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had some other important questions for her fellow congressperson.

Crenshaw was very much offended at the suggestion that his friends might not be the upstanding citizens he assumes they are, even though he himself seems to suggest that his friends couldn’t pass a background check. If they really wanted a gun for a trip, the wait to pass a background check to purchase one is not that long.

I think we may have hit on an essential reason why the U.S. has so many more mass shootings than other Western nations. Too many Dan Crenshaws who think average Americans just hand out their guns to “friends” not responsible enough to go through the legal process of purchasing a firearm. Also, what Ocasio-Cortez said:

The congresswoman also pointed out that many domestic abusers commit their acts of abuse in secret and work hard to hide their actions from others, including their friends. She herself knows people who had to “come out” to her as abuse victims because their abusive partners managed to hide the situation so well.

Friends don’t let friends run around with guns without the proper vetting.

Crenshaw has not yet responded to Ocasio-Cortez’s points about abusers being notoriously sneaky and the entire idea of lending guns to friends being ridiculous either way, but other people on Twitter have some thoughts about this particular feud.

Take Dan Crenshaw’s guns away, specifically.