AOC and conservative attack ad calling her shallow for talking about climate change costs
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AOC Loves GOP Attack Ad That Spreads Her Policy Positions, Like Avoiding Death Via Climate Change

Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is grateful to, a self-described “one-stop-shop for the best conservative videos,” for spreading and even transcribing her counter-points to criticism that her Green New Deal or anything like it is too expensive.

The right-wing “Media Research Center” created a video of Ocasio-Cortez talking about how the costs of unmitigated climate change will far outweigh any costs of her proposed policies and also will cause people to die with some dramatic music and titled it “More Shallow Thoughts With AOC.”

“I love everything about this GOP attack ad,” Ocasio-Cortez writes. “Republicans underestimate my intelligence bc I invite people into my home & talk about policy in plain English instead of DC jargon. They think that’s dumb, so they end up paying for ads that spread & explain our policy positions.”

If you watch the video, she’s not even talking in what many would describe as “plain English,” using terms like “decarbonize” and “swaths.” The music intensifies when she stumbles slightly over her words at one point, so we can only guess that this conservative video mill is trying to suggest than if AOC speaks less than 100 percent perfectly at all times, it means she’s “shallow.” Or at least shallower than the waters that will soon engulf the U.S. coasts after all of our glaciers have melted away.

Conservatives have been desperately trying to discredit Ocasio-Cortez in any way they can since she won her seat as part of the “blue wave” in 2018, mostly attempting to attack her intelligence or call her “crazy” for pushing bold policy on an issue that could potentially wipe out the human species. But at this point, they might be helping her more than they could ever hurt her, as these responses to the MRCTV video suggest.

Next make a video about how selfish she is for doing so much charity work, MRCTV.