Ariana Grande is being accused of “Asianfishing” after a new photoshoot showed her with lighter-looking skin than she’s had in the past alongside eye make-up and a series of poses that have some people upset.

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The photos in question show Grande dressed up in an oversized jacket, with a bow in her slicked back hair and her eye makeup done a very specific way. Her posing is being described as “sex kitten” or “innocent,” which some critics are saying plays into stereotypes of East Asian women.

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“It’s a combination of like, the ‘innocent’ posing, the little bows and sh*t, even the color of her lipstick,” TikToker @kuzumi.n suggested, before sharing a photo of “some K-pop star” she says Grande looks a little too similar to in these new photos.


Reply to @paige.mantaray this, coupled with the fact that she was black fishing before is why there’s a problem

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The sentiment was repeated by some on Twitter, as well.

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Grande has been accused of trying to look Black or Latina in the past, which some folks brought up in their accusations of Asianfishing.

But others thought the accusations went a little too far.

“She just stopped tanning. I’m confused,“ said @branflakes08. “I just think she went back to white.”

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Grande has not addressed the social media controversy as of yet.

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*First Published: December 8, 2021, 7:12 am