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Trump Supporter Gets Dragged After Mocking A Dad Playing With His Son In Elsa Costumes

Ashley St. Clair is a semi-famous young conservative. She’s mostly famous for being fired from her job as a brand ambassador at conservative youth group Turning Point USA after being photographed grabbing dinner with white nationalists Nicholas Fuentes and Jacob Wohl. Bad for their brand.

She still has Twitter to use as a platform for her ideas and she’s pretty good at trolling people on it. Most recently, she enjoyed getting ratioed for posting a clip of a dad and his son dancing in Elsa from Frozen costumes, with the caption, “The testosterone is being sucked from our men right before our eyes.”

In St. Clair’s world, playing with your children is not masculine. Real men sit in silent disapproval as their kids grow increasingly anxious and miserable in front of them.

It’s hard to cover all the ways St. Clair’s perspective is wrong, but Twitter did a pretty good job of it. Some were sarcastic:

Others were very sincere:

And some warned of what can happen when attitudes like St. Clair’s get brought into a family:

And, finally, lots of people pointed out that a man wearing a dress is not a new invention:

And if you can’t appreciate that kilt, there really is something wrong with you.