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    25 Of The Best “Trump Tan” Memes Inspired By His Viral Photo

    Donald Trump is almost as famous for his bizarre personal grooming choices as he is for being the most corrupt president in American history. And those choices extend past his inexplicable hair and his Scotch-taped ties to the three-dollar spray tan he insists on sticking with, goggle outlines and all. One particularly glaring, and particularly […] More

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    22 Of The Best Clapbacks At Climate Change Deniers

    Climate change deniers would have you believe that climate change is completely made up. Unfortunately for them an overwhelming amount of actual scientists have explained why it is indeed very real. And they’ve done so using scientific evidence and actual data about rising temperatures and changing weather patterns rather than the illogical arguments, pseudo-science, and […] More

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    Climate Science Professor Replies To Mansplainer Arguing She’s Wrong About Climate Change

    Three female climate change experts were calmly discussing the threat of mounting temperatures to the global ecosystem in light of Australia’s devastating wildfires when a self-proclaimed expert decided he simply had to chime in. #AustralianWildFires climate denial claims, "it's arson! it's been warmer before! fire's natural!" The truth? Human-induced climate change is a threat multiplier. […] More

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    Four Conservative Women Formed An Anti-Socialism “Squad” And It Did Not Go Well

    In a move that has weird, Avengers: Endgame overtones, America’s scheming right wing has announced the formation of a powerful new “Conservative Squad” to face off against the group of freshman Democrat representatives often referred to as “The Squad” that includes Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, and Rep. Rashida Tlaib. Of […] More

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    15 Of The Worst Donald Trump Tattoos We Had Time To Find

    If nothing unusual happens a U.S. president remains in power for four to eight years. On the other hand, barring some serious laser treatment, a tattoo lasts forever. But that hasn’t stopped fans of our edgelord president, Donald Trump, from getting everlasting tributes to the man seared into their hides. These regrettable Trump tattoos range […] More

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