Representative Ayanna Pressley, one of the four young congresswomen who makes up the group known as “The Squad,” has become the first to file an impeachment resolution against Brett Kavanaugh following the latest sexual assault allegations against the Supreme Court justice.

The resolution is an attempt to pressure the House Judiciary Committee to launch an investigation into the charges and is the first step toward removing Kavanaugh from the bench.

Filing the resolution also grants the committee the power to subpoena individuals related to the case and gives it or a task force appointed by said committee funding and resources for the investigation.

“Sexual predators do not deserve a seat on the nation’s highest court and Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process set a dangerous precedent,” Pressley said in a statement on the resolution. “We must demand justice for survivors and hold Kavanaugh accountable for his actions.”

The new allegations against Kavanaugh come from a New York Times report by Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, who are writing the book on the rushed investigation and confirmation of the justice, in which they talk about his past (hopefully) habit of shoving his genitals into the hands and faces of non-consenting women and girls.

The story has revived unresolved anger against Kavanaugh and the politicians who forced his confirmation through in spite of multiple credible sexual assault allegations that were not allowed to be fully investigated.

Although experts largely agree that actually removing him from the bench would be difficult to impossible, many feel that impeachment should be attempted regardless in order to facilitate a better investigation into the charges and send an important message along the lines of “sexual predators should not sit on the highest court in the nation.”

A handful of House Democrats have voiced their support for kicking off an impeachment inquiry of Kavanaugh:

And several 2020 Democratic hopefuls are calling for Kavanaugh’s impeachment as well:

Sometimes you have to do the right thing even if it’s hard. Did certain senior Democrats not watch those after-school specials?

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*First Published: September 17, 2019, 2:04 pm