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Mom Asks If She Was Wrong To Storm Out Of Baby Shower Thrown For Her By In-Laws

A post on the infamous Reddit forum “Am I the A**hole” has people wondering if one pregnant woman needs to change her identity to escape the world’s creepiest family. What started with a first-time father-to-be going overboard with the baby preparation ends with what sounds like the middle of a psychological horror film.

“Husband and I are pregnant with our first child,” Reddit user “notjustmommy11” writes. “I’m happy he’s excited, and I appreciate all of his efforts, but he has gone way overboard and a lot of the ‘nice’ things he does just makes me feel like…an incubator. ‘As a joke’, he started calling me ‘Mommy’, and now won’t call me by my first name.”

AITA story of a creepy family's baby shower

Eventually, her husband’s family was, for some reason, referring to her by her baby’s name, Patrick, instead of her own. Even all of her Christmas and birthday gifts were addressed to the baby rather than her, including a gift certificate for a “spa day” from the husband.

Then came the baby shower.

“Well guess what the ‘spa day’ he got me for my birthday turned out to be?” the woman continues. “Immediately after walking in, my mother in law’s best friend comes up to me, sticks her hand UNDER MY SHIRT to rub my stomach, and points out the cake. It’s one of those disgusting ‘baby coming out of the woman’ cakes, complete with fake poop.”

AITA story of a creepy family's baby shower

Not only was the cake something the new mother did not want and couldn’t eat due to pregnancy, she didn’t even want the shower from her mother-in-law because apparently she didn’t invite any of her daughter-in-law’s friends or loved ones to the bridal shower she threw. That might have been a red flag worth paying attention to, because it gets weirder.

“I grabbed my purse and told my husband I wanted to go home,” she says. “He said ‘no, the baby is the guest of honor, you have to stay!’. I was f***ing finished so I started to order an Uber to go home. He took my phone out of my hand and told me I was being crazy and hysterical.”

She’s definitely not the one acting crazy, but the family reacted by trying really hard to convince her that she is.

AITA story of a creepy family's baby shower

“Now, my husband is completely beside himself with rage, and my in-laws have been telling my husband to leave me and get full custody of the baby (apparently what I did is proof that I’m crazy) … Husband slept in the guest room last night and says he’s “seriously considering” having me taken to the ER to see a psych doctor ‘for the baby’s safety’.”

This poor woman was left to second-guess herself after that load of gaslighting from an entire family trying to erase her identity and freaking out on her for leaving a party she didn’t want where her husband’s gift turned out to be a free pregnant belly grope.

The overwhelming consensus among commenters is that this woman is not only not the a**hole, she should run, not walk, as far away from the Creepster family immediately.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this poor mother ever posted a resolution to her story. We can only hope she got away from that family or at least put down some hard boundaries.