Man Who Stabbed Baby Trump Balloon At Alabama-LSU Game Incriminates Himself In Facebook Live Video

The president was flown to a football game in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on Saturday because his team has been desperately looking for a stadium of people who won’t boo him. They found enough Trump supporters at the University of Alabama and Louisiana State University game. There were protestors at Monnish Park, about a mile from where Trump was at the Bryant-Denny Stadium, The New York Times reports. At the protest was a giant balloon Trump baby. And it got stabbed.

A man named Hoyt Hutchinson was arrested after he cut the strings and tried to flee the scene. He was charged with first-degree criminal mischief and paid a $2,500 bail. He then caught the end of the game. If Hutchinson sounds like a relaxed criminal, it’s because he had quite a plan in place. Soon after his release, he set up a GoFundMe for his legal fees called “Restitutions for Baby Trump Stabber.”

By Sunday morning, he’d made almost $20,000.

The only problem is that Hutchinson implicated himself in a Facebook Live video right before his balloon attack:

“I am going down here to make a scene, so y’all watch the news,” Hutchinson says in the video. people are pointing out that this video shows Hutchinson is violating its terms of service, which says you can’t set up pages to raise money to battle charges of violence, hate, harassment or bullying. Deflating a balloon apparently falls under that category, and his video shows it was his full intention to do exactly what he did.

There are plenty of Trump supporters who probably see what Hutchinson did as heroic—he stabbed a balloon mocking the president! But it did cause damages to the balloon, which has famously appeared at numerous protests, even traveling as far as London. The balloon depicts Trump in a diaper with a cell phone, which is how most of us probably picture him. The balloon organizers have their own GoFundme, “Get Baby Trump to Tuscaloosa” because it apparently costs about $4,000 to transport, inflate, anchor and staff it.

All this protesting and counter-protesting is expensive, even before you break the law.