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The Baltimore Sun Scorches Trump After He Calls The City ‘Dangerous And Filthy’

Donald Trump attacked the city of Baltimore in a repulsive tweetstorm this weekend — but The Baltimore Sun got the last laugh with a stunning, no-holds-barred rebuke of the president’s insults in an endlessly quotable op-ed published Sunday.

Trump began his Twitter outburst early Saturday morning in large response to Rep. Elijah Cummings’ ongoing condemnation of the administration’s racist immigration policy and the poor conditions at detention camps along the U.S.-Mexico border. Cummings has represented Maryland’s 7th congressional district, which includes Baltimore, since 1996.

“It’s not hard to see what’s going on here,” the newspaper’s editorial board wrote in its assessment of Trump’s tweets.

“The congressman has been a thorn in this president’s side, and Mr. Trump sees attacking African American members of Congress as good politics, as it both warms the cockles of the white supremacists who love him and causes so many of the thoughtful people who don’t to scream.”

The Sun also highlighted Trump’s continued use of racist language to criticize political opponents of color, just weeks after he called for four minority congresswomen — three of whom were born here and all of whom are U.S. citizens — to “go back” to their countries of origin.

“He was returning to an old standby of attacking an African American lawmaker from a majority black district on the most emotional and bigoted of arguments,” the op-ed continued.

“It was only surprising that there wasn’t room for a few classic phrases like ‘you people’ or ‘welfare queens’ or ‘crime-ridden ghettos’ or a suggestion that the congressman ‘go back’ to where he came from.”

The op-ed, cleverly titled “Better to have a few rats than to be one,” was widely praised on social media, and “Baltimore Sun” quickly began trending on Twitter.

Unsurprisingly, Trump doubled down on his attacks throughout the weekend, later calling Cummings’ district “very poor, very dangerous and very badly run.”

The president also claimed Democrats were “playing the race card” in their denunciation of his comments.

Like his hometown paper, Cummings didn’t take Trump’s character assassination or denigration of his district lying down — although he also asked the president to work together on various issues, including “the skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs … across the nation, and in Baltimore.”

We applaud Cummings’ dignified response to the most undignified president in U.S. history. But we also embrace The Sun’s willingness to call a spade a spade:

“Finally, while we would not sink to name-calling in the Trumpian manner … we would tell the most dishonest man to ever occupy the Oval Office, the mocker of war heroes, the gleeful grabber of women’s private parts, the serial bankrupter of businesses, the useful idiot of Vladimir Putin and the guy who insisted there are ‘good people’ among murderous neo-Nazis that he’s still not fooling most Americans into believing he’s even slightly competent in his current post. Or that he possesses a scintilla of integrity.”

“Better to have some vermin living in your neighborhood than to be one.”

Well done, The Baltimore Sun. We’re with you.