When asked for tips on how to get through the holidays with family, no small number of people would cheekily respond with the same suggestion: alcohol. But one sanctimonious would-be host waged a war on Christmas by letting all of her extended family know there would be no alcohol allowed at her house this year — and it did not go over well.

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u/omom2122 explained to readers of Reddit’s infamous Am I The A**hole that her husband’s family “likes to drink,” and said that “every holiday includes multiple bottles of wine/cocktails” — something likely true of any holiday gathering involving alcohol and more than a single person.

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But the redditor herself doesn’t drink, noting that her father was an alcoholic and that she thinks “it’s childish if you can’t have fun without drinking.” As she was the one set to host Christmas this year, she “decided since it’s at my house no alcohol allowed,” adding “we are all getting older and it’s time to grow up.”

It’s unclear whether she actually told her extended family about this rule up front or if it all came out after her sister-in-law offered to bring the ingredients to try out a new Christmas martini with everyone. She was informed there would be no alcohol, and word soon spread among the fam, who the grouchy host said began texting her to confirm and say it was “lame” — but she proudly would not budge.

“Now it turns out my husbands sister is hosting an alternate gathering that almost everyone is choosing to go to instead,” she wrote. “It’s so disrespectful all because they would have to spend one day sober.”

Although they were also invited to that gathering, and her husband begged her to just go along with it so they could spend time with family and “stop causing issues,” the redditor put her foot down and won’t attend or let her husband go, either.

“It was my turn to host and I chose to have a no alcohol [gathering] they could have dealt with it for one year,” she insisted.

Considering Christmas is a holiday for everyone to celebrate with their loved ones how they see fit, and not a birthday or dinner party meant to revolve around one person, redditors were quick to call the original poster out for being so unnecessarily controlling and trying to force everyone to adhere to her own personal way of living.

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The original poster never chimed in with further information about the family or whether she’s come to see the audacity of her demands, but hopefully the rest of her family — husband included — get to spend the day kicking back and celebrating with some holiday cheer (booze).

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*First Published: December 23, 2022, 10:14 am