White Woman Vandalizes Neighbor’s Car With Hammers, Tells Family To “Go Back To Mexico”

A shocking video shared by a man named Edy Perez shows a racist white woman wielding two hammers and attacking a car while yelling “go back to Mexico.” Perez says in his tweet that the video was taken in Los Angeles, and it is his car, but he was in Miami when it was being taped. It’s hard to tell who is filming or what instigated the incident. It seems as though the white woman is just going nuts on the car our of nowhere:

“I got you on video—that you’re destroying my car,” the videographer tells the “Becky.”

“Get the f—k out of this neighborhood, you f—kin’ sh—t,” Becky screams. “Call the police.”

Then she yells, “Go back to Mexico.”

The person on the phone can be heard describing the scene, saying, “She’s destroying property,” presumably to the police.

Perez started a GoFundMe after the video went viral, saying the woman in the video was arrested but then released “due to COVID.” He also said his insurance company didn’t cover “vandalism” or I guess hate crimes. He said that while he in Miami for work, hell be back in his neighborhood soon and has checked in with his neighbor who filmed the attack and called the police for him and she is doing okay. He has raised about $12,000, over the goal of $10K.

But money isn’t everything. There is a second video, in which the white woman is holding a hose while someone else is holding her hair. It’s hard to tell if the woman holding her hair is the same neighbor who filmed the hammer attack, but it sure seems like everyone on the block is fed up with Becky.

“Tell me again, b—ch. Tell me to go the f—k back somewhere, b—ch,” the neighbor says to Becky. “Now turn that motherf—king hose off, b—ch, before I shove it up your f—king a—.”

Then she adds, “I’m not a motherf—er to be played with,” before tossing Becky into a bush.