Benny Johnson posing in front of fully stocked shelves in a Cuban supermarket

Trump Supporter Embarrasses Himself Trying To Drag Socialist Cuba With Supermarket Photos

Benny Johnson, Chief Creative Officer at the conservative propaganda outlet Turning Point USA, took a trip to Cuba last week and found something he didn’t expect: a supermarket with fully stocked shelves containing food and modern appliances. This didn’t line up with the typical U.S. conservative line that all socialist countries have stores with empty shelves and starving people, so he had to complain about the lack of variety in brands instead.

According to Benny here, hope comes from having a choice between different brands of the same canned tomato sauce at the store.

What Benny either doesn’t understand or is purposely ignoring is that the U.S. has imposed a commercial embargo against Cuba since 1962 that prevents nearly all imports of goods to the country. Though other countries can technically trade with Cuba, they risk hurting their relationship with the U.S. by doing so.

Frankly, it’s impressive that Cuba is doing as well as it is in spite of these ongoing restrictions. Without all the sanctions and embargoes, perhaps the Cuban people could have the freedom to spend half an hour comparing blender brands before just going with the cheapest one like we do here in America.

After fielding this and other points from people who understand what sanctions are, Benny attempted to hit back by claiming that he waited hours in line to get into the store and that there were lines for other essentials.

Oddly, Benny did not provide any photos of these alleged gas, water, and grocery store lines. It’s also a little strange that he claimed to wait hours just to get inside the store when there isn’t a single soul other than Benny himself in the photos he did take. You’d think the place would be packed. No explanation has been offered.

Meanwhile, Twitter’s “leftists” have some words for Benny.

This might be a good time to mention that Benny Johnson was fired from BuzzFeed for at least 41 instances of plagiarism.