Donald Trump's retweet of Twitter user "BERNIE BEATS TRUMP"

Twitter User Changes Name To “Bernie Beats Trump” After Trump Retweeted Him

Primary season can lead to some awkward situations in which your opinions might somewhat overlap with candidates you hate because some of their possible opponents are also not so great. This appears to be what happened when Twitter user @CANCEL_SAM tweeted out a photo of Democratic candidate Mike Bloomberg golfing with Donald Trump alongside the hashtag #BloombergIsRacist.

Bloomberg has faced significant criticism from progressives for being a long-time Republican until recently and for his “stop and frisk” policy in New York, which was found to disproportionately target people of color. He also, as you can see, had something of a relationship with Trump before he started spending all those millions on attack ads against him.

Trump missed the point of the post, as per usual, and retweeted it to attack his unlikely opponent’s size and golf game.

It was bad enough that Trump seems to have missed the fact that the evidence of Bloomberg’s racism in the photo rests entirely on the fact that he associated with Trump. But in order to hit the president even harder, the twitter user who originally posted the photo has changed his name to “BERNIE BEATS TRUMP” after Trump retweeted it. The slogan references the fact that in the vast majority of recent polls, current Democratic front-runner Bernie Sanders beats Trump in the general election

Now the president’s Twitter page contains both an attack on Mike Bloomberg and a free advertisement for Sanders, who is widely considered to be the most progressive candidate.

And yes, the tweet is still up.

Quick, everybody post photos of Bloomberg golfing with Trump! You never know when the president might retweet you since he clearly doesn’t check anyone’s page before doing so.

Or just bask in the gloriousness that is having “BERNIE BEATS TRUMP” in all caps on the president’s timeline.

It’s going to be a long year for Donald Trump.