With the rise of COVID-19 across the globe and the increasing number of mass quarantines happening, people in the U.S. and elsewhere are trying to prepare for what might come. Some of them are stocking up on absurd amounts of toilet paper, some are realizing that they really could work from home year round, and a few are thinking about the practical stuff: what to watch?

Redditor u/DucksAreWatchingMe asked on r/AskReddit, “What a good tv series that can pass the time in, let’s say…. 14 days?”

The implication is definitely that during a two-week quarantine, people are going to be climbing the walls and Netflix is going to crash from so many people trying to stream at once. If a quarantine does happen, there are a lot of options for what to watch. Maybe start downloading episodes of the suggestion below right now.

1. The Wire

2. Band of Brothers

3. Gravity Falls

4. Firefly

5. Breaking Bad

6. Star Trek The Next Generation

7. The Expanse

8. The Good Place

9. Better Call Saul

10. Always Sunny In Philadelphia

11. Parks & Rec

12. Stargate SG1

13. …All the Shows

14. Avatar the Last Airbender

15. The Peaky Blinders

16. Mad Men

17. Arrested Development

18. Trailer Park Boys

19. West Wing

20. 30 Rock

21. Battlestar Galactica

22. Lost

23. Brooklyn 99

24. Forensic Files

25. Schitt’s Creek

26. Bojack Horseman

27. Clone Wars

28. Community

29. Golden Girls

30. Black Mirror


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*First Published: March 11, 2020, 6:51 am