Biden Said Kids Should Learn About Islam In School And Some Conservatives Aren’t Happy

Earlier this week, Biden virtually visited the Million Muslim Vote Summit , the Friendly Atheist reports. He gave a speech in which he suggested that actually learning about Islam in schools might be good, for educational purposes:

“Look, one of the things I think is important… I wish we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith. I wish we talked about all the great confessional faiths. It’s one of the great confessional faiths. And what people don’t realize is — one of my avocations is theology — don’t realize is that we all come from the same root here in terms of our fundamental, basic beliefs.”

Makes sense to me.

But it didn’t make sense to some conservatives who seem to have built their personalities around hating another religion that is in many ways extremely similar to Christianity:

Okay, that’s about all I can take and those are the marginally less offensive tweets out there on the topic at the moment.

I think the crux of the issue (after racism and xenophobia) is that some conservatives, especially conservative Christians, equate teaching about a religion in schools with enforced indoctrination. You can actually learn about religions from an educational point of view without anyone being forced to worship. Maybe that’s how they do it in Sunday school, but we’re not legally supposed to do that in public school.