Bishop Dragged To Hell And Back After Claiming LGBTQ Is ‘Harmful For Children’

A Catholic bishop took to Twitter on the first day of Pride Month to declare that Catholic individuals “should not support or attend LGBTQ ‘Pride Month’ events” because they supposedly promote things that are “contrary to Catholic faith and morals” and are “especially harmful for children.”

In the Year of Our Lord 2019, people are getting pretty sick of this kind of rhetoric.

Bishop Thomas Tobin is currently serving in Providence, Rhode Island, and describes himself as “proudly pro-life”—As long as that life isn’t gay or trans, apparently.

Statements like Tobin’s are becoming old-fashioned even for the Catholic church, as Pope Francis himself has signaled multiple times that he is at least tolerant of LGBT people, saying “who am I to judge?” Juan Carlos Cruz, a survivor of sexual abuse by the Catholic church, also reported that upon discussing his sexuality with Francis, the Pope said: “God made you like this. God loves you like this.”

Unfortunately, the Pope has not been as generous with trans people, claiming that somehow technology that makes it easier for trans people to transition will hurt human fertility, among other bizarre and transphobic comments.

Regardless of the Pope’s opinions, a massive number of people logged into Twitter to drag the hell out of Tobin, including Marvel actor and professional wrestler Dave Bautista.

Bautista plays Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy and other Marvel movies and turned out much better than Bishop Tobin, clearly. Fans both appreciated Bautista’s support of the LGBTQ+ community and his assessment that the bishop doesn’t speak for most Catholics.

Meanwhile, everyone else on the planet is reminding Bishop Tobin that people in glass houses might not want to be throwing around stones.

What was that part of the Bible about judging? Or not judging? Because you might also be judged?