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Black Family Stopped Outside Walmart And Accused Of Shoplifting Even After Producing Their Receipt

A man named Bracey Myles tweeting under the handle @TheLakeWolf is demanding answers from Walmart’s corporate leaders after he and his family were stopped by law enforcement officers who accused him of stealing. Myles shared a video that he began filming several minutes into the confrontation and can be heard explaining that he has been accused of stealing groceries.

One officer appears to be holding a receipt from the man’s grocery expedition. The officers don’t say much except that they “don’t know” if the family paid and that they’re “investigating.”

In his opinion, they were not investigating. He captioned the clip, “Somebody help me out I was racially profiled and publicly humiliated.”

He also says the officers would not allow him to start the car his newborn was sitting in, causing him to develop a heat rash that lasted several days:

In the video, it appears as though the family was transferring their groceries into their car. A woman, identified by Kansas City News as Myles’ fiancée Alfreda Lange, stands nearby with a stroller.

“This dude got my son out here in the heat … over $100 worth of groceries that they think I stole because I’m Black,” the Myles.

The officers repeat they are “investigating” and then finally announced that a mistake has been made. They don’t apologize. One simply says, “Everything looks good.”

To that, the father says, “You think everything looks good? F*ck you!”

People are enraged on behalf of the dad and his entire family, demanding answers from Walmart:

Myles told reporters that after the officers said they could leave, he attempted to go into the Walmart to return his groceries and file a complaint, but they told him he had to leave. This Walmart is in Holton and is apparently the only local place they can buy formula for their child. Myles’ boss has offered to transfer him, so the couple has decided to move.

The racial profiling Myles and Lange were subjected to is uprooting their whole lives, and Walmart can’t even tweet back in response.