Saying things like “Black lives matter” and “police brutality is bad” continues to be controversial, as some folks would prefer to just stick their heads in the sand and not acknowledge issues that they assume don’t impact them directly.

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It’s already disappointing enough when a person decides to stay quiet themselves, but it’s another entirely when they demand others to keep their calls for equality private as well.

One Oregon family recently discovered their neighbors are very much the demanding type.

Divya Kumar shared a photo earlier this week of a sign her teen sister had painted on the front window of their house, saying “Silence Supports Police Violence,” alongside hands of various skin tones. She also posted pictures of a letter sent to them by neighbors, asking that they remove the sign because they think it’s driving down property values.

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It’s clear from the very opening that these neighbors aren’t remotely interested in anything other than getting their way.

“We, your neighbors, appreciate that you have a strong political and social justice viewpoint and wish to communicate that to others via [your] window sign,” the letter begins. “The first amendment gives you that right. We believe you’ve made your point.

“As tensions rise in our city, home is the safe and quiet place we wanted to return to after being at work. We want to come home to a beautiful street where neighbors care and support one another.”

While many would say that fighting for equality and racial justice is actually a strong show of both support and care, it’s obvious these neighbors feel differently. And while some may sympathize with wanting to disconnect from the horrors of the world at home, it soon becomes clear that these neighbors are actually writing for a different reason entirely.

“We have three homes on our street that are trying to sell for the best price possible. Your sign is driving down interest to live on this street, hence our property values suffer (including yours).”

The neighbors finish up with some mediocre passive-aggressiveness: “We feel you’ve made your statement and respectfully request you remove it and save your political viewpoint for inside your home. Homes are not made to be [billboards] for our opinions, they are a place for families to rest, enjoy life, and feel safe.

“Thank you in advance for caring enough about the people you live side by side (especially with different viewpoints) by removing your sign.”

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Needless to say, the audacity didn’t sit well with people who saw Divya’s post, and folks had a lot of thoughts.

And some shared similar neighborly demands they had received over supporting Black Lives Matter.

Nandita Kumar, the 15-year-old who painted the sign in the window, said their house isn’t even the only one in the neighborhood with a sign showing support for Black Lives Matter.

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“We’re the only brown family in the neighborhood,” she pointed out. “Is it that the BLM signs were OK but my painting wasn’t?”

The family does not currently have any plans to get rid of their sign.

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*First Published: August 6, 2020, 7:08 am