Anti-Maskers Threaten to #BoycottWalmart Over Pandemic Mask Requirements

Many large retailers have had mask requirements in place for months now, but Walmart has been frustratingly slow to adapt to the pesky fact that we’re in the middle of a pandemic. The retail giant has essential been enabling those who run around screaming that “MUH FREEDOMS” to not wear a mask are more important than keeping other citizens safe from death and disease.

However, the scales finally seem to have tipped far enough that even Walmart has decided to institute a policy requiring face coverings starting next week.

But anti-maskers are a persistently furious bunch, in case anyone forgot for a full ten seconds.

We’ve seen them throw temper tantrums in the middle of stores requiring masks, physically assault employees, and even attempt to falsely claim they’re exempt from face mask requirements, so obviously they didn’t take this news lightly.

Threats to boycott the store and shop elsewhere are flooding Walmart’s mentions, despite the fact that more and more stores are implementing similar requirements, as are many states and counties.

People are also threatening lawsuits, because what’s more American than threatening to sue somebody while inaccurately citing the Constitution?

Anti-maskers love complaining about not being able to breathe, but all they do is waste their breath.

They’re pretty funny, though — again, if you ignore the part where they’re actively contributing to spreading a virus through our country and keeping everything shut down indefinitely.

As exhausting as that jaunt through #BoycottWalmart “patriots” undoubtedly was, a lot of people have also been sharing hilarious tweets about how ridiculous these anti-maskers and their tantrums are, and will undoubtedly continue to be. It’s hard to have much faith in humanity right now, but reading those will hopefully remind you at least SOME people haven’t lost touch with reality.