“45 Seconds More” Than John Bolton Got—Brad Pitt Drags GOP In Oscars Speech

Brad Pitt’s Oscar win has been a long time coming. The iconic actor has been nominated for both supporting and lead actor roles before, but never won an Oscar in an acting category before last night.

Pitt took home the statue for his role in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, in which he played fictional stunt man Cliff Booth.

Though Pitt’s won other awards for this role, his Oscars speech will undoubtedly go down as the memorable one.

Not only was it his first for an acting Academy Award, but he opted to use the moment to get political.

“They told me I only have 45 seconds up here, which is 45 seconds more than what the Senate gave John Bolton this week,” he said.

“I’m thinking maybe Quentin [Tarantino] does a movie about it,” he continued. “In the end, the adults do the right thing.”


The jab was a reference to the GOP’s refusal to hear key witness John Bolton testify in the impeachment cast against President Trump last week.

The former National Security Advisor has an upcoming book that reportedly confirms the allegations that Trump demanded a quid-pro-quo scenario with the Ukraine in which they were to dig up dirt on the Bidens and then they would receive aid from the U.S.

But Pitt didn’t just get political. He also got emotional about the journey he took to get to this point in his career.

“Listen, I’m a bit gobsmacked. I’m not one to look back, but this has made me do so,” he said. “And I think of my folks taking me to the drive-in to see Butch and Sundance, and loading up my car and moving out here, and Gina and Ridley giving me my first shot, to all the wonderful people I’ve met along the way to stand here now. ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’…ain’t that the truth.”

And he gave a shout-out to the perpetually under-appreciated stunt teams as well.

“I also want to say, you know, while we’re doing all this, I think it’s time we give a little love to our stunt coordinators and our stunt crews,” he said.

It may have taken Pitt over 30 years to win his first acting Oscar, but hopefully it won’t take quite so long before he gets his next one!