Hospital bills in the United States can be — and almost always are — outrageous on some level. Sometimes the line items included in unnecessarily astronomical bills are ridiculous, like $15 for a single Tylenol. But one woman claims she received a charge none of us have probably seen before: a charge for crying.

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@mxmclain shared the bill she received for mole removal, amounting to $223 for the physician’s work, some assorted small surgical fees, and one $11 charge for “brief emotion.”

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It didn’t take long for Twitter to start rolling out the jokes in response to the absurdity.

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While the initial tweet makes it sound as if @mxmclain was charged for having emotions, as does the bill itself, that may not be quite the case.

In reality, some have pointed out that this most likely applies to a billing code that allows doctors to make a brief emotional/behavior assessment for things like depression, ADHD, or substance abuse.

Doctors can charge up to $25 for this “service,” up to four times a year. And while that may be appropriate and even useful in some scenarios, it’s hard to imagine why it would be necessary during a mole removal.

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America! It’s great here.

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*First Published: October 1, 2021, 7:57 am