British woman with pipe approaching man filming her

“Metal Pipe Karen” Threatens Father Of Mail Employee After Messing With His Van

A man in the U.K. filmed a confrontation with a woman who was stalking around a Royal Mail van with a long metal pipe, accusing her of attacking his son’s vehicle “three times.” The woman can be seen running her hand under the wheel well and under the edge of the hood as though looking for hidden keys, and when the man questions her, she turns and stares at him silently until she starts aggressively approaching him.

“Are you quite legal?” she asks as she steps close to the man filming her. “To park over somebody’s drive?”

“Don’t get too close please, because I don’t want to breathe the same air as you,” the man says while backing away.

“Well you are, unfortunately, aren’t you?” says the woman.

“Well it’s corona[virus] if you don’t mind, so could you back off?” says the filmer.

“You back off!” the woman shouts back over the ominous clank of the pipe she’s now using as a cane as the poor dad continues to do just that. He then again requests that she stop vandalizing her son’s car, and she starts throwing wild accusations at him.

“You’re a bully,” she claims, still approaching. “You’re a thief. You like stealing from your workplace?”

“Why am I stealing from my workplace?” the man asks.

“You’re a criminal!”

“Why am I a criminal?”

“Well, for one, you’re using your phone, aren’t you?” says the woman. We were unable to find statistics on the topic, but it does not seem intuitive that criminals would often film their own crimes. People also commonly use their phones for everyday, non-criminal activities.

“Well, it’s good evidence, isn’t it?” the man points out.

The video ends there and no one seems to have yet come forward to offer an explanation or say how the confrontation concluded. It did, however, end up on Reddit’s Public Freakout forum, where commenters, as always, have opinions.

You don’t need to get a COVID-19 test after watching this video, but it also couldn’t hurt.