The online feud between Britney Spears and her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, seems as though it may have reached its peak after Jamie was interviewed about their relationship and the conservatorship on Good Morning America. Britney has accused her sister of not being supportive during the traumatic time that she was being controlled by her father and other family members on the claim that she was mentally unwell, but Jamie says otherwise.

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“I’ve only ever loved and supported her, and done what’s right by her,” said Jamie. “And she knows that. So I don’t know why we’re in this position right now.”

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According to Jamie, she was unable to do much of anything about the conservatorship when it was first put into place due to her young age and the fact that she was expecting a child, but still tried to offer her resources that could help, which may have gotten her into some trouble.

“When [the conservatorship] was put into place I was a 17-year-old. I was about to have a baby, so I didn’t understand what was happening,” she said. “Nor was I focused on that. I was focused on the fact that I was a 17-year-old about to have a baby. I understand just as little about it then as I do now.”

She further claimed that she wanted to end the conservatorship over her sister because it was causing so much conflict within the family.

“If she wanted to talk to other people … I set that up. I even spoke to her legal team … previous legal team, and that did not end well in my favor.”

Jamie also spoke on the time she performed remixes of her sister’s songs at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards, which Britney did not appreciate at all, claiming that the pop star wasn’t really upset about it but in the same breath saying “I don’t know why that bothers her.”

A big point of contention between the sisters right now seems to be Jamie’s upcoming memoir Things I Should Have Said, which reportedly accuses Britney of being “erratic” and “paranoid” before or during the conservatorship and “spiraling” at one point in her life. However, in an Instagram post, Jamie claimed that the book wasn’t about her at all.

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“I hate to burst my sister’s bubble, but my book is not about her,” she wrote. “I can’t help that I was born a Spears too, and that some of my experiences involve my sister.”

At the same time, she hinted about her desire to “set the record straight” and accused Britney of saying different things in private communications with her than she does on social media. She also claimed that her family has received death threats over the things Britney has said about her online.

Britney herself had been ill when the Good Morning America interview aired, enduring a 104-degree fever, but posted a response on Twitter the next day accusing Jamie of saying all of this in order to sell her book.

“She was never around me much in that time so why are they even talking about that unless she wants to sell a book at my expense?” she wrote.

She further said that Jamie “never had to work for anything” on the topic of the song remix controversy

“I know it may sound like a silly thing to most people but I wrote a lot of my songs and my sister was the baby. She never had to work for anything. Everything was always given to her.”

Britney was feeling better as of Thursday, though still had a moderate fever, and expressed feeling fed up with her entire family, accusing them of ruining her dreams.

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“Psss lesson learned from all this don’t trust people or anyone,” she concluded, “make your cats and dogs your family and take care of your own damn self!”

Jamie Lynn defended her decision to publish a book in a statement posted to social media, claiming that what happens “behind the scenes” doesn’t match what Britney posts on social media.


The note in its entirety reads:

Last thing I want to be doing is this, but here we are..

It’s hard to see these posts, as I know the world also feels. I just wish her well. Brit, I am always here, you know behind the scenes I have always been here. It’s become exhausting when conversations, and texts we have in private don’t match what you post on social media. I know you’re going through a lot and I never want to diminish that, but I also can’t diminish myself.

Quite frankly, the things being said are absolutely not the truth, and I have to clarify that, because now it’s getting harder for me to rationalize to my oldest daughter why our family continues to get death threats, as a result of their aunt’s vague and accusatory posts, especially when we know she could tell the truth, and put an end to all of it in one second if she wanted to.

Sadly, after a lifetime of staying silent, I have come to realize this isn’t going to be a reality, and I may have to set the record straight myself in order to protect mine and my family’s well being.

That being said, I hate to burst my sister’s bubble, but my book is not about her. I can’t help that I was born a Spears too, and that some of my experiences involve my sister. I’ve worked hard since before I was even a teenager, and I’ve built my career in spite of just being someone’s little sister.

There are no sides, and I don’t want drama, but I’m speaking my truth to heal my traumas, so I can close this chapter and move forward, and I wish my sister could do the same. No matter what comes, I will always love my big sister, and be here for her. It’s time to put an end to the unhealthy chaos that has controlled my life for so long.

Jamie Lynn Spears Watson

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*First Published: January 14, 2022, 11:25 am