Dave Rubin with Tucker Carlson talking about the California wildfires

Tucker Carlson Guest Blames California Wildfires On ‘Woke’ Culture

As multiple massive wildfires rage across California, destroying homes and most recently forcing the evacuation of the Reagan Presidential Library, Tucker Carlson is having guests come on his show blaming the fires on liberals and diversity hiring.

Dave Rubin, an alt-right YouTube personality and talk show host funded by the Koch family, tried to claim that all firefighting departments in California are breaking down because they’re too concerned about hiring black people, women, and LGBTQ+ folk to fight fires.

“The problem right now is that everything, everything, from academia to public utilities to politics, everything that goes woke, that buys into this ridiculous progressive ideology that cares about what contractors are LGBT or how many black firemen we have or white this or Asian that, everything that goes that road eventually breaks down,” said Rubin as Carlson nodded.

It’s unclear exactly what Rubin is trying to suggest here. Does he think that fire stations are refusing to send out straight white firefighters, leaving the teams understaffed, because they might not seem diverse enough? Or does he think that black and/or LGBT firefighters are not as good at fighting fires as straight and white firefighters are?

It almost seems like he thinks that the stations do all their hiring as soon as a fire starts.

“Imagine if your house was on fire,” said Rubin. “Would you care what the public utility or what the fire company, what contractor they brought in, what gender or sexuality or any of those things he or she was? It’s just absolutely ridiculous.”

The entire diatribe ended in a general suggestion that California is breaking down because it’s a blue state, even though the majority of the state’s districts are actually red.

“If you can’t keep the lights on and you can’t keep the place from burning down, you’ve reached the point where there is no kind of lying about it anymore,” said Carlson. “It’s falling apart. It’s a disaster. It’s not civilized anymore.”

In reality, the wildfires have been fueled by climate change and PG&E is a private company uninterested in politics other than those that make it the most money possible. But it’s the Tucker Carlson show, so why even bring up the concept of reality?

Rubin, predictably, got mad about people calling him racist and homophobic and went on Twitter to point to a Wall Street Journal article outlining everything PG&E has done to encourage a diverse workforce and leadership. The article implies that these efforts took time and resources away from the “keep the lights on without starting fires” department, which in most utility companies does not have much overlap with human resources, but okay.

So is the problem PG&E or the firefighters, Dave?