There’s another contender in the mix for “funniest Capitol riot arrest” after James Matthew Horning was snatched up for taking video of himself smoking a joint on the Capitol steps on January 6. He later hopped onto Facebook to brag about what he had done and dare the FBI to investigate him, or at least a part of him.

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“To anyone on my list who has a problem with what happened in DC today.. I am damn proud I was there,” he wrote. “If you have a problem with that, hit the inbox if you want.. or use the unfriend feature if you ain’t bout it. Those of you calling for an investigation, why don’t you try investigating deez nuts with ya chin.”

According to the criminal complaint, the FBI received multiple tips identifying Horning as the man in video footage from the insurrection wearing a bright orange hat. The primary witness in this case, however, is Horning’s own son.

“Specifically, on January 7, 2021, a witness (W-1) contacted and provided the FBI with a video that W-1 had viewed on social media. The individual who posted the video included the caption ‘in case you ever wandered (sic) who my father is.'”

That’s got to hurt.

In addition to the Facebook post about his testicles, he posted a series of videos he took from the Capitol to his account and fielded some questions as to why he was there.

“3 reasons… to be there when history happens. To participate in anarchy. To smoke weed in government buildings,” he said before incriminating himself further. “The real reason was to intimidate congress … they have a 9% approval rating. We accomplished that. Maybe they will work on that because they know we could have got them and have mercy.”

Horning is being charged with obstruction of congress, trespassing on Capitol grounds, and disorderly conduct, which have been the standard three charges for pretty much all of the arrested insurrectionists. It’s interesting that there are no charges for smoking a joint on the steps, as “public consumption” of cannabis remains a crime in Washington D.C., though private recreational use was legalized in 2015.

It should probably also be illegal to roll such a bad joint, but that might be a matter for the court of public opinion.

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*First Published: March 3, 2021, 12:09 pm