A TikTok user and trans man who appears to sometimes be mistaken for female and who cannot stress enough that he is 31 years old says in a video that a car dealership contacted his father to ask him to get his child to take down a negative online review he left.

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In an incredible display of proving one’s critics right, the dealership texted the TikToker’s dad after he called them out for offering said dad the same part they offered him at a $1,500 discount, because they recognized his dad as a Man.

“A car dealership texted my dad and asked him to make me take down the one-star review I gave them,” says the TikToker.


“wOmEn ArE tReAtEd JuSt ThE sAmE aS mEn” #feminism

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“I’m 31 years old and they tattled on me to my father to get me to take down a one-star review I gave them after they tried to charge me $2,000 for an alternator, but when he called, all of the sudden, the alternator became $500.”

“wOmEn ArE tReAtEd JuSt ThE sAmE aS mEn,” the video description reads.

This is far from the first time that someone perceived by others as a woman has been treated differently at a car dealership than their cisgender male relatives or friends. The same kind of thing routinely happens with mechanics, sporting goods stores, or any place selling or repairing most any kind of tech or anything else men consider to be their domain, because sexism is alive and well in the world.

However, calling a grown person’s father to snitch and ask him to modify their behavior is a new one. Unfortunately, it is not a new one for a surprising number of women. About a week after posting the original video, gaining hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of comments, the TikTok user made a follow-up video showing all the comments from women telling their own, depressingly similar stories.

There are so many that they go by far too fast to read, but with the pause button, you can enjoy each and every horror story that flashes by as the TikToker goes through all five stages of grief.

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“At 55 years old, a camp counselor called my husband and ‘told on me’ when I yelled at them for mistreating my autistic son,” one comment reads.

Some of these women can’t even explain how the dealerships and other sexists got their father’s phone numbers.

“I ordered a car this yr,” says another user. “They called my dad to ask when he would come accept the car. I’m 28! My number was on the paperwork! Idk how they got his.”

The other unfortunate news is that the creator of the original video doesn’t have the best dad, so we were all deprived of the good ending we truly deserve. The TikToker did make a follow-up calling for better dads after someone made a vague suggestion of what he would have done if he was his father.


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“So, I love hearing how all of your dads would respond to that, cool, I love it,” he says. “My father doesn’t really believe in sexism, doesn’t think that’s what happened, and he is not any of your dads.”

The good news is that there are cis men out there who are ready and willing to put less enlightened men in their place given the opportunity.

“[I]f you need someone to play the part of a dad that’s a little more progressive let me know,” says Joey. “I’d love the chance to cuss out some misogynists.”

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*First Published: August 8, 2022, 10:25 am