Cardi B Posts Viral Instagram Video Begging People Not To Get Distracted By Trump’s ‘Bullsh*t’ In 2020

Cardi B is not letting the 2020 election slip away from us without having her say. The Grammy award-winning rapper is throwing her bloody shoes into the Democratic presidential primary race.

Cardi B posted a video on Instagram, giving us all choice words about how we spend our time on social media—and how that could impact our future.

“We get distracted with people putting Trump on blast, like CNN constantly putting Trump on blast and the illegal sh*t that he has been committing in this country because he puts things on Twitter that distract us from all the bullsh*t that he actually be doing,” she said in the video.

Cardi then called on everyone, especially “bloggers, YouTubers and influencers” to stop giving Trump free air time, and instead “post every single day these positive things that these Democratic candidates want to do for our country.”

Cardi B lauded Sen. Bernie Sanders for his progressive vision of America and later shared a sit-down interview with the 2020 Democratic hopeful.

Earlier, on Instagram, Cardi B also shared her frustrations with Donald Trump’s policies, specifically citing police brutality and how Trump appears not to care. “Every single time I see a black man get killed or mistreated by the police, I just keep saying like, ‘what the f–k? Nobody gives a f–k. Nobody cares?,” she said.

Cardi B’s dabbling in politics has been met with some criticism. Facing backlash from some fans about her newfound activism, some commented on the post with simple #Trump2020 spam, another told her to “say [sic] rapping…because you don’t know what the hell your [sic] talking about.”

But Cardi B’s supporters on Instagram got her back. The rapper shared encouraging words from fans on her Instagram story.

Instagram: @IAMCARDIB
Instagram: @IAMCARDIB

One thing is for sure: we know that Cardi B is going to be watching to CNN Democratic debates, and taking notes.

Instagram: @IAMCARDIB
Instagram: @IAMCARDIB