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  • antivaxx 2019

    25 Of The Most Ignorant Things Anti-Vaxxers Said And Did In 2019

    2019 was another bumper year for anti-vaxxer ignorance and also for preventable diseases. From January 1 to November 7, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention documented 1,261 cases of the previously-eradicated disease measles. It was by far the worse measles year of the 2010s, up from 372 cases in 2018 and nearly doubling the […] More

  • advice for boomers

    25 Pieces Of Advice For Boomers, Courtesy Of Twitter

    Baby boomers are going to have more to be upset about today than the latest teenager dismissing them with “OK Boomer.” The hashtag #AdviceForBoomers is trending on Twitter and most of the advice is not exactly flattering to the generation, which has faced heavy criticism from millennials and Generation Z for failing to act on […] More

  • trump chicago protest signs

    All The Best Anti-Trump Signs From The Chicago Protests

    Donald Trump is hated in a lot of cities, but he might be hated the most in Chicago, a city that he has been characterizing as a burnt-out wasteland since the beginning of his campaign. He is deeply loathed by Chicagoans who are sick of him spreading lies about the city while building his big, […] More

  • God Asked Fans To Share Their Pet Pictures And They Delivered

    God Asked Fans To Share Pet Photos And They Delivered

    God loves all the animals on Earth, but he especially loves pics submitted by fans. In a Facebook post this weekend, God demanded: Hi, humans! 😘 Post pet pics! 🐶 🐱 🐥 Let’s see what you got! 🧐 As you command! People came through, because they love their good girls and boys as much as the Lord. Below are some […] More

  • trump tattoos, donald trump, bad trump tattoos, worst trump tattoos, bad donald trump tattoos, awful donald trump tattoos, worst donald trump tattoos, donald trump tattoo fails, worst donald trump tattoo fails, ugly donald trump tattoos, botched donald trump tattoos,

    15 Of The Worst Donald Trump Tattoos We Had Time To Find

    If nothing unusual happens a U.S. president remains in power for four to eight years. On the other hand, barring some serious laser treatment, a tattoo lasts forever. But that hasn’t stopped fans of our edgelord president, Donald Trump, from getting everlasting tributes to the man seared into their hides. These regrettable Trump tattoos range […] More

  • in

    Server Asks For ‘Dumbest Customers’ Stories, Gets Flooded With Responses

    Working in customer service is painful, because the biggest part of your job is keeping everyone who comes into your establishment happy. And that’s basically impossible, because so many people are stupid and terrible. They’ve also had the words “the customer is always right” drilled into their heads, so you can’t correct them—even if it’s […] More

  • in

    27 Tweets That Prove God Was Drunk When He Created The Universe

    If you believe in a supreme deity, which we’ll call God, you have to admit “He’s” made some weird choices. For example innocent people get deadly diseases and the platypus exists. Luckily the absurdity of life on Earth is not just the source of all pain, it’s also the source of all that is funny. […] More

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