Charlie Kirk, founder of the right-wing nonprofit propaganda organization Turning Point USA and subject of a number of very weird and hilarious memes, seems to be harboring a secret crush on presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders, judging by his CPAC speech. The Conservative Political Action Conference started Wednesday and will be going for the rest of the week, and Kirk’s speech today contained a strangely complimentary comment about the progressive candidate.

“And I’ll tell you, if you want to be a rebel on a college campus, wearing a Bernie Sanders shirt will get you thumbs up, high-fives, and invites to all the coolest parties,” said Kirk.

You heard it here, kids. Supporting Bernie Sanders is the coolest.

Kirk’s actual attempted point what that “true rebellion” means wearing MAGA hats on college campuses. He may be confused about who college kids are typically rebelling against. People don’t go to college to rebel against the coolest parties thrown by their peers.

Charlie Kirk wasn’t invited to any parties in college, was he? Either that, or he really does have a secret crush on Sanders. He even wrote an opinion piece for Newsweek titled “Why Bernie Sanders Can Win.”

Then there was the literal socialism pillar spotted at CPAC:

This kind of weirdness and pining to be noticed by the cool kids is pretty standard for Charlie Kirk, however. Twitter commenters wasted no time in pointing that out.

Others are simply impressed by the level of self-owning Kirk has demonstrated today.

Maybe you’re trying too hard, Charlie.

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*First Published: February 27, 2020, 2:29 pm