In their continuing quest to boycott every company until they have nothing left to consume, conservatives have found their latest target in Chick-fil-A. That’s right, the fast food chain that was notoriously boycotted years ago by the left because they kept donating millions of dollars to groups opposing same-sex marriage (not to mention their CEO made numerous homophobic statements).

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This is lining up to be the best right-wing product tantrum yet, and it’s all because the company reportedly hired a vice president of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Pretty much every big company has one of these now, but right-wing political operatives have recently stepped up their bigotry game by declaring that the entire concept of DEI is the tool of the devil, or whatever.

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Washington Examiner writer and man who calls himself a political strategist, Joey Mannarino quickly drew a straight line between this and trans people in the grossest way possible.

How much time does this guy spend thinking about certain bodily fluids produces by trans folks?

Mannarino even started a Twitter poll asking his followers if they should boycott Chick-fil-A, and it’s currently a tight race, with the “no” voters a little over three points in the lead with 19 hours to go. At this point, however, the liberals and leftists still on Twitter have found out about the poll and some are encouraging each other to vote “yes,” because we’ve wanted homophobe chicken gone since at least 2011.

It’s like they’ve already forgotten how they rallied to the big corporation’s defense by clogging traffic with their massive drive-thru lines. Those lines, in fact, are motivating some less political users to vote yes, as well.

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The idea of putting effort into making one’s company more diverse and fair has been around for quite some time, but the implementation of specific DEI departments and the use of the acronym exploded following the election of Donald Trump in 2016. The murder of George Floyd by police in 2020 gave the industry another boost.

Conservatives have since attacked the DEI movement, and their grievance machine has kicked into high gear in recent months in spite of findings that the diversity training in particular is often ineffective or even counterproductive. Racial diversity in company leadership remains pathetic across many industries, and some racial justice experts have criticized DEI for being a flag companies can wave for credit without actually making any concrete, effective changes.

Boycotts have been criticized for being similarly ineffective unless people are serious about what they’re doing. As things are, conservatives are going to find themselves spread far too thin to make any of their recently declared boycotts work to any degree. They’ve already turned on two massive beer conglomerates as well as Ford, Target, and Hershey in just the past couple months.

Of course, since those on the political left tend to be less supportive of mass corporate power and profits, it’s all entertainment to us.

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*First Published: May 30, 2023, 10:09 am