“America Wants Answers”—Chris Evans Criticizes Trump For Fleeing Press Over Coronavirus

Proving he is absolutely worthy of the title Captain America, Chris Evans slammed Donald Trump for not answering reporter questions during a press conference to address COVID-19 on Sunday.

During the press conference, President Donald Trump called a national emergency for COVID-19, then turned and the microphone to Vice President Mike Pence—who is also leading the coronavirus task force—to answer reporter questions.

That did not sit well with Mr. Evans. The actor took to Twitter to share his displeasure.

In a conference that previous Friday, Trump did answer questions, but called a particular question he didn’t like “nasty.” Another reporter asked if he took responsibility for the testing delay, which is where we got the classic soundbite “I don’t take responsibility at all.” It seems Trump learned his lesson for the second conference.

Fans and followers applauded him for calling out Trump for bowing out.

Evans is well known for making his opinions about Donald Trump public on Twitter.

To the point where his followers tweet things like this:

But Evans has been awfully quiet lately, and people were starting to get worried.

We’re happy to say our Cap is back.