Elmbrook Board of Education Meeting

Christian Mom Calls Social Distancing And Wearing Masks In School “Pagan Rituals Of Satanic Worshippers”

At yet another school board meeting on the topic of safely reopening schools in the middle of the pandemic (assuming such a thing is possible), an anti-mask parent went all the way off the rails, declaring social distancing and mask-wearing to be both Pagan and Satanic. She supported this idea by citing the number of feet people are supposed to stay apart from one another.

“Six-foot distance and masks are pagan rituals of satanic worshipers,” said Heidi Anderson to the Wisconsin educators. “Absorb that in. Six feet. Where does six feet come from, people? Why is not three? Why is it not five? Why is it not 10? Why is it not 30? Why is it six?”

“We are Christians,” she went on. “Our children do not practice Satanic worship. We don’t have them stand six feet apart from each other with facial coverings. Facts and data have been suggested here with no logic. These masks are not proven to stop the virus.”

Anderson’s objection to the number six likely stems from the idea that the mark of the Antichrist, described in the Revelations book of the Bible, is the number 666. The six-feet rule for social distancing is, of course, based on scientific observations of how far people’s spit particles tend to travel from their mouths when not wearing masks.

Explanations of science would be unlikely to convince Anderson, however, considering the fact that she claimed pro-mask doctors are “under the control of large medical organizations which benefit financially from the continuation of this emergency.” She also says that COVID-19 has “very low morbidity” in spite of the fact that it has now killed over 170,000 people in the U.S. alone.

Anderson finishes by advising the school board members to recite the Lord’s Prayer to find the real answers to the coronavirus problem.

News of this woman’s statements has reached Twitter, where the mockery is in full swing.