If we made a list of everything a man on the internet at one point decided it was inappropriate for women to wear, there may very well be no clothing options left. The latest casualty of this alleged war on immorality? Yoga pants.

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Christian podcaster Eric Conn got it in his head that he should share his small-minded opinions with the world earlier this month, tweeting a list of places he deems it “acceptable” to wear the comfortable clothing item.

“Alone in your house w/ your husband. Working out alone in your private gym while your husband watches you,” he wrote. “The end. No public venues. Not social media.”

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In other words, Christian man wants to dictate what women wear rather than have men take responsibility for themselves — stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Even though Conn later tried to claim this was directed at Christian women specifically, it’s still not within his purview to make these kinds of declarations about what does and does not count as appropriate clothing, especially with the clear underlying tone of shaming women who don’t acquiesce in the process.

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As tiresome as the broader “modesty” issue here is, it’s also worth pointing out the absurdity of the comments he made about the bottoms specifically being worn in the presence of a husband. 

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And let’s not forget about the glaring double standards going on here.

You also have to wonder if some of these people even believe what they’re saying or if they just do it for the attention and applause from fellow performative Christians.

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So ladies, the next time you’re wondering if you should wear yoga pants somewhere, think about the Eric Conns of the world, get a good laugh out of how their stupid opinions absolutely do not matter, and wear whatever makes you happy.

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*First Published: May 19, 2023, 8:42 am