Note: This article contains mentions and depictions of physical and verbal abuse.

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Claudia Conway, the 16-year-old daughter of former Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway who has been incredibly vocal about her disdain for the president and his administration, posted a series of deeply disturbing videos to TikTok this week that have people concerned for her safety.

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The teen had previously made allegations of physical and verbal abuse against her parents on multiple occasions, even going so far as to say she was attempting to get emancipated last summer.

And her TikTok audience bore witness to several off-putting conversations between Claudia and her mother over the past year, that painted Kellyanne in a negative light as it was.

But on Tuesday, Claudia posted a compilation of short clips showing her mother berating her, screaming at her, and even seemingly hitting and throwing things at her while she sat there, mostly silent.

All of this supposedly happened during the time they both were stuck in the house with COVID-19 last October.

The videos shocked and outraged even the people that already believed and supported Claudia in her claims against her parents.

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In a series of follow-up videos, Claudia insists that she’s not trying to get her parents in trouble, she’s just sick of people not believing her when she talks about the way they treat her.

She also informed people in the comments that she’s spoken to both CPS and lawyers, but that nobody will do anything.

“There’s nothing that can really be done,” she said. “I’ve tried everything. Everything. My parents are too powerful and nothing happens.”

Claudia also shared that she’s “extremely scared after posting” because she doesn’t know how her parents will react.

Perhaps even worse are the subsequent videos where she expresses guilt over outing her mother’s abusive behavior and responds to comments accusing her of seeking attention. She also added that she has other clips that were “too bad to post” because she’s “not trying to put [her mother] in jail.”

Some of the videos have since been deleted, but not before the internet took notice.

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Neither Kellyanne nor George Conway have addressed the most recent videos Claudia posted. She did mention that the police came to her home at one point last night, and then they left.

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*First Published: January 20, 2021, 8:09 am