climate change professor dunks on mansplainer

Climate Science Professor Replies To Mansplainer Arguing She’s Wrong About Climate Change

Three female climate change experts were calmly discussing the threat of mounting temperatures to the global ecosystem in light of Australia’s devastating wildfires when a self-proclaimed expert decided he simply had to chime in.

Ironically, what Prof. Katharine Hayhoe, Dr. Kate Marvel, and Dr. Jacquelyn Gill, were discussing was, more specifically, the desperate and illogical response to the crisis by climate change deniers.

There has been pushback to the WILD NOTION that climate change and the higher temperatures and more prevalent droughts it brings could be causing increasingly devastating wildfires from conservatives who are simply claiming that “arson” is the main problem, while ignoring, you know, science.

One such climate change naysayer, Mike Smith, who uses the handle @USWeatherExpert, quickly dove into the fray, calling the idea that hotter temperatures increase the likelihood of fire, “nonsense.”

Dr. Gill calmly urged him to “update his understanding” of the basic facts. Spoiler alert: He didn’t like that!

In response, Smith unwittingly set Gill—who teaches at the University of Maine’s Climate Change Institute—up for the perfect spike by telling her to “spend some time” in a classroom.

It was almost too easy.

Game over, folks.